Free to Travel:
How You Can Use Points to Travel the World

The 5-step process to get you free flights and free hotels.

A Method to Earn Thousands of Dollars in Free Flights and Hotels

I've earned $23,900 in free trips to Hawaii, Italy, France, Germany, and more in the last three years!

This easy-to-follow method teaches you to find and use the best sign up bonuses from companies like American Express and Chase to earn points and get free travel around the world.


They Went WHERE With This Course?!

"We went on our dream vacation to Hawaii with free flights and hotels, and we are going again next year! I would never be able to do that without this course."

Jenny and Darrell

"Honestly can’t thank you enough. We honeymooned for two weeks in Bali and Australia and covered all flights and hotel nights with points. Seriously. This course helped us turn our regular spending into experiences we’ll never forget."


"COMPANION PASS!!! Just earned it a few days ago using some principles from this course. So simple! Just booked free flights to the Caribbean for my wife and me, and we have a lot of leftover points for more free flights this year."


"This method changed my life. Even with my regular 9-5, I've been able to go on amazing free vacations- Hawaii, France, Italy, Germany, England, Banff, and all across the US! All for basically free and without any changes to my daily life."

Course Creator

Amazing Vacations for
Pennies on the Dollar

Just pay taxes and hotel & airline fees to travel the world at a fraction of the costs.

Can Do It

No need to spend any more than you currently are.

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With my well-researched Resource Guide and ongoing support on an exclusive Facebook community, I'll make sure you go on that dream trip. 

I'm Not Sure How This Will Work With My Credit Score...

Here is my actual credit score. Notice that upward trend? In the course you'll learn the science behind your credit score and how this method may actually improve your score!

Here's What You'll Learn

This course will unlock doors for you by teaching you how to get free flights and free hotels all across the world. It will empower you to go on the dream trips you never thought you would be able to. At a glance, you'll learn how to:

  • Use the repeatable 5-step method to earn tons of free points
  • Turn your points into free vacations
  • Make it easier with expert strategies, tools, and resources
  • Avoid rookie mistakes

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For Best Results...

I recommend you be eligible to apply for U.S. credit cards and have a credit score above 700 (though results can be achieved with a lower credit score).

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Even though you can't exactly return knowledge, if you show us that you tried the method and it didn't work, we will refund your purchase. That won't happen though - it works for everyone!


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